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Residence Time Reactor

Application treating chemicals improve separation efficiency, Treating chemicals improve separation oil water, Maximizing separation performance use treating chemicals slop, Reducing treating chemicals additives separation slop oil, Lower chemical treatment cost treating oily waste, chemical blenders, Reaction vessels mixing treating chemicals slop oils A small footprint high efficiency dynamic fluid blender designed for mixing treating chemicals into oily waste liquids so as to optimize the dispersion of treating chemicals into the feed volume to maximize plant separation efficiency and to minimize chemical consumption and treatment costs. Treating Chemicals are required to improve the separation performance of static or high G-force separators. The key to separation performance is to insure the chemicals added are fully dispersed into the feedstock to perform their duty of de-emulsification, coagulation and/or flocculation. Most existing facilities use large tanks for this purpose which results in improper mixing and requiring excessive energy to heat the tanks up to operating temperatures.

Principle of operation
G-force has designed the RTR mixers so that they can easily be installed into our new plant designs or retrofitted into any existing treatment facility at a minimal cost. The benefit attributed to properly dispersing chemicals into the feed contributes to the following advantages:

  • Reduction in chemical consumption
  • Lower chemical treatment cost
  • Improved equipment separation efficiencies
  • Achieving higher separation performance specifications
  • Maintaining greater plant thruput capacity

The RTR Mixer is linked to the Dosing System where Treating Chemicals are introduced at the in port of the RTR with the oily waste being treated. The fully treated waste exits the RTR where it is next directed to the oil-water separation equipment, which can range from standard 1-g API Separators to 5000-g Centrifuges.
Residence time (to be calculated as below)
RTR500 60min / (Q liters/hr / 500 Liters) = Residence time min
RTR1000 60min / (Q liters/hr / 1000 Liters) = Residence time min
Because of the proper chemical pre-blending in the RTR the separated oil and water phases are of higher quality then conventional systems mixing systems.

The RTR Mixers are of rugged design and ready build for quick installation. Gland packing requires greasing on a weekly basis.
Dimensions and Utilities
RTR500 990mm x 3650mm, L 1300 kg 2.2kW 400V 50/60Hz
RTR1000 1200mm x 3650mm, L 1800 kg 4.0kW 400V 50/60Hz

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