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Example Proposal – Marine & Oilfield

Example Proposal
G-force specializes in the manufacture of plants for treatment of hazardous oily waste by-products from the shipping industry (Marine Waste) and the Oilfield Industrial sectors of drilling, production and refining.

The plants we manufacture are designed to receive and treat all forms of oily waste from produced water to polluted soil. Most of our main applications involve the treatment of refinery slops & sludges, oil storage tank bottoms and marine bilge, slops & sludges.

G-force is unique in that we offer declassification solutions for all three of the separated phases: oil-water-solids. Oil is the simplest because it is a fully recyclable material suitable for return to the client or to market. Water is treated to meet environmental authority regulatory specifications so that it is recycled to back nature. Solids, representing the minimized waste, are further treated to meet USEPA or the local environmental authority specifications for declassification. This normally involves oily solids passing USEPA CFR 261 to be bioremediated to reach the CFR 503 specification for a commercial grade biosolid, which is then marketed into the Agriculture sector. Those oily solids failing the CFR 261 specifications are to be stabilized using USEPA approved trace element bonding agents for declassifying the materials as construction landfill. These bioremediation services are provided by our sister company Environmental Remedies (ERCO). In most cases where oily waste has been dumped into unlined earthen pits one of the main environmental requirements is to treat the polluted soil contaminated by oil. Oily solids-soil treatment and decommissioning is done by ERCO.

By offering these recycling and declassifying solutions G-force supports the Clients Waste Management Program to fulfil their environmental obligations with the local environmental authority.

This proposal in intended to give potential Clients a first hand view of the technology we offer including our budgetary price. For Clients interested to receive details specific to their actual type waste and waste volumes we kindly request you to contact us directly. We will reply with our recommendations of equipment and quote a firm cost to fulfil your scope of supply, including all details related to delivery times, shipping, site installation & commissioning and personnel training for operations takeover.

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